Quality control laboratories of the company BioMedica, Spol. S R. O., operate in good manufacturing practice and are regularly inspektovány by the State Institute for Drug Control. Laboratories are equipped with modern qualified equipment and offer their services in particular in the following areas:

-Determination of particle size distribution for emulsions on the device Malvern Mastersizer 3000

-Determination of osmolality solution Osmometrem Knauer K-7400

-Determination of optical rotation polarimeter Anton Paar MCP 200

-Determination of density by digital hydrometer Rhotec L

-Determination of viscosity of liquids by rotary Viskozimetrem Brookfield

-Determination of refractive index or sugar content in Bx by digital Refractometer

-UV-VIS spectroscopy in the range 200 – 1000 NM

-FT-IR spectroscopy in the range 7800 – 350 cm-1

-Determination of the number of particles below the visibility threshold according to Ph. Eur. On the device AccuSizer 780

-potentiometer titration on the instrument MetrOhm Titrando 888

-Sterilization of subjects in laboratory autoclave Tuttnauer 2840 EL-D

-HPLC analysis on Thermo Scientific Ultimate 3000 with UV-VIS, DAD and RI detectors

-Determination of elements on the Atomic Absorption spectrometer Thermo Scientific ICE 3500

-Determination of hardness of tablet on Tvrdoměru Sotax MT 50 Easy
Since 2018 we have been conducting analyses on newly acquired machines description here
However, if poptáváte other analyses, please do not hesitate to contact us – we are equipped with a number of other devices and these analyses are only part of our portfolio. We also provide quantity discounts on a larger number of samples for analysis. Write to us and request a tentative quote!