Lactocitrate is a dialysis solution for continuous venovenose haemodialysis (CVVHD) with citrate anticoagulation of 4% trisodium citrate solution and with concomitant administration of calcium, i.e. for continual therapy of renal function. Lactocitrate can only be used in combination with a continuous haemodialysis device, which is also integrated with the citrate and calcium infusion pumps, in addition to the blood flow control pump, the dialysis solution and the filtrate. Lactocitrate is a solution.


Lactocitrate is supplied as a unicameral bag with a total volume of 5000ml. This medical device is intended for professional use only after proper training by the manufacturer.
Dialysis solution for immediate use includes:
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Sodium lactate 2.017 g/L
Glucose 1.001 g/L
Sodium chloride 6.550 g/L
Potassium chloride 0.075 G/L
Magnesium chloride hexahydrate 0.305 g/L
Potassium dihydrogen phosphate 0.136 g/L

Other Ingredients:
Water for injections
The concentration of ions and glucose in the dialysis fluid for immediate use are:

To+ 130 mmol/L
K+ 2 mmol/L
Mg+ + 1.5 mmol/L
P 1 mmol/L
Cl 116 mmol/L
Lactate 18 mmol/L
Glucose 5.6 G/L
Ph 6,8
Theoretical osmolarity 274 Mosmol/L