Auxiliary means of sonografic examination, treatment (physiotherapy) or ELEKTROKARDIOGRAFY.
Ultragel-C is a contact conductive gel that facilitates contact between the skin and electrodes (Sonografic probe), thereby increasing the efficiency of the electrostimulation. Suitable for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Applicable to all types of ultrasonografic devices.
Ultragel-C It is wholesome, does not contain formaldehyde or alcohol. It maintains a physiological protective layer on the skinValue of PH 5.5-6.0. Removing remnants of Ultragel-C is very easy. It does not leave dirt, stains, grease or any trim on clothing.
Ultragel-C It is used for ultrasound diagnostic examination

  • High-quality signal transmission
  • High and constant density
  • High slidability
  • Not flowing, not sticking, no ointment, no colour
  • Water soluble
  • Does not contain salts or alcohol
  • No salts/alcohol
  • non-alergenic composition

Instructions for use: It is applied in the required quantities to parts of the human body or to a conductive strip (electrodes).
Ingredients: demineralised water, glycerol, carbomer, triethanolamine, methyl parahydroxybenzoate, propyl parahydroxybenzoate
Packaging: 500 ml (1000 ml, 5000 ml)
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