The company Biomedica produces in the GMP mode not coated and film-coated tablets with dry, moist granulation and direct pressing.


In GMP mode, we offer the production of medicinal moulds into sachets weighing 0, 5-10 g.


We offer production of bulk mixtures in GMP mode. Our products are, for example, Framykoin backfill and Septonex.

Hard Gelatin Capsules

We offer filling of hard gelatin capsules of various sizes and colours. We ensure the filling of pellets into gelatin capsules of size 0. Possibility of producing small batches.


We offer production of herbal, vitamin syrups according to the customer’s wish with a volume of 50-500 ml.


Biomedica offers production of drops of 10 ml capacity.

Vitamin Premixes

We offer production of vitamins, herbal or premixes of minerals from 50 kg to metric tuns.

Cosmetic Products

We offer production of ointments, creams, gels, lotions, shampoos, liquid soaps, etc. Possibility of producing small batches.


Biomedica carries out the packaging of a wide range of products according to the customer’s specification.Výroba2


We have two blistering machines and we are able to blister tablets, soft and hard gelatin capsules in the GMP incl. Packaging to cartons incl. Deposit of the package leaflet.

Adjust tablets and Capsules

We can pack the tablets and capsules in containers according to the customer’s wish or even a “in bulk” package. We provide original product induction by welding aluminum lids on dozy. We mediate the production of soft gelatin capsules, which are then fill into bottles or blisters at the customer’s request.

Adjustment of liquid Forms

Biomedica offers the adjustment of drops and syrups in GMP mode on large-capacity lines with a capacity of 10-500 ml incl. Labeling and packaging into boxes.

Cosmetic product adjustments

We offer filling in cups and plastic tubes of various volumes. We offer production of ointments, creams, gels, lotions, shampoos which are then filled into cups, containers or plastic tubes.