Dear people interested in the medicinal products of Biomedica Inc., thank you for your interest in obtaining information about our medicinal products.
On this page you will find information in the form of package leaflets intended for direct users, i.e. lay the public. The information provided is not a guideline for the prevention or therapy of disease, but only a framework for information on our medicinal products.
For more detailed information on the individual medicinal products for those interested, especially from healthcare professionals, doctors and pharmacists, please refer to the summary of product characteristics on the website SÚKL or including the reimbursements on the website of the Ministry of Health Care
If you have any questions or comments regarding our medicines, you can use the following contacts:

MUDr. Martina Lišková.

Tel: + 420 220 990 139

E-mail: vpois@pharmazet.com

List of medicinal products and package leaflet: