Our company Biomedica belongs among the significant organizations operating in the Czech and international market of contract manufacturing. We work for pharmaceutical companies and individual businesses from the Czech Republic and other European countries and provide them with the following services:

  • Development and production of drugs
  • Development and production of medical devices
  • Development and production of food supplements
  • Development and production of cosmetics

We continuously invest in the modernization of our premises in Hořátev and Luhačovice. Clients are offered comprehensive all-inclusive services in the area of product development, registration, production and inspection, including the supply of all necessary materials.

We hold a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certificate.

SVP Hořátev certificate 259082_2021 of 12/2021 Replenishment of small-volume with SÚKL stamp
Certificate SVP Hořátev 229717_2020 dated 06/2021 with SÚKL stamp

What can we provide for you in particular?

Hard tablets

Production of coated and uncoated tablets by dry and wet granulation and direct pressing.

Hard gelatine capsules

Filling hard gelatine capsules of various sizes and colours. Filling pallets into gelatine capsules from size 0. Option of small batch production.

Powdery mixtures (premixes)

Production of vitamin and mineral mixtures from 50 kg to tons.

Stick packs

Production of stick packs weighing 2 – 8 g. Product volume 2 – 9 ml.


Production of powdery mixtures.


Production of herbal, vitamin syrups according to the customer’s wishes with a volume of 50 – 1000 ml.


Production of drops from a volume of 10 ml.

Cosmetic products

Production of ointments, creams, gels, face toners, shampoos, liquid soaps, etc. Production from 20 kg to tons.

Infusion solutions

Production of infusion solutions in PP and PVC bags.


Packaging of a wide range of preparations according to the customer’s specifications.

Liquid medication forms

Production and adjustment of drops and syrups on large-capacity lines with a volume of 10 – 1,000 ml, including subsequent labelling and packaging in folding boxes.

Pills and capsules

Packaging of pills and capsules in boxes according to the customer’s wish or “in bulk” packaging. Ensuring product originality by induction welding of aluminium lids on cotainers. Arranging the production of soft gelatine capsules and subsequent adjustment into pill containers or blisters.

Cosmetic products

Production of ointments, creams, gels, face toners, and shampoos with the subsequent filling into cups, boxes or plastic tubes.

Stick packs

We ensure adjustment of different sachet sizes in the form of stick packs.

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We try to adapt our services to the requirements of each client. Everything has a solution. Do not hesitate to contact us and tell us your ideas. We will listen to you and find a way to meet your requirements.

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