Laboratory activity

Quality control laboratories work in coplience with the Good Manufacturing Practice and are regularly inspected by the State Institute for Drug Control. We have modern, qualified and calibrated devices. We offer our services, especially in the following areas.

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List of devices and analyses

AAS (flame and cuvette atomization)

Accusizer for measuring particles below the limit of visibility


Automatic potentiometric titrator


Block heater

Digital densitometer with oscillating U-tube

Digital polarimeter

Digital calipers

Digital refractometers

FT-IR spectrophotometer (ATR, transmission)

Aerosol particle generator

Hot air sterilizers

HPLC with UV-VIS, DAD and RI detectors

Pure water conductivity meter

Laboratory steam sterilizer

Sotax manual dissolution apparatus

Microwave decomposing equipment

pH/conductivity multimeter

pH meters

Counter of aerosol particles in the air

Apparatus for disintegrating tablets

Rotary viscometer

Aerosol particle thinner

Semi-micro osmometer

Stability chambers in general storage conditions

Ultrapure water preparation station

Thermal anemometer


Hardness tester for tablets

Ultrasonic bath

UV-VIS spectrophotometer

Sieving machine

Annealing muffle furnace

and other small equipment

Some of the devices on the above list was purchased thanks to a grant. A list of these devices can be found here. A list of grants can be found on the About Us page.

Bacterial endotoxins (gel limit test)

Tablets/capsules dissolution and disintegration

Dynamic viscosity

HPLC analyses

Density of liquids

Fourier transformation infrared spectroscopy

Measurement of sub-visible particles in solution

Thin layer chromatography

Optical rotation

Osmolality of liquids

pH of liquids


Refraction (n,°Bx)

Manual/potentiometric titrations

Sieving analysis

Determination of elements on AAS

Sterilization of tools

Tablet hardness

UV-VIS spectroscopy

Conductivity of liquids

Tests for the qualification and monitoring of clean rooms

Loss on drying, dry matter…

And other tests in compliance with the Czech Pharmacopoeia, or ISO standards

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